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Week #903: Zia’s Trattoria

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Chooser: Erin

Restaurant Club: Zia’s Trattoria
Date: Friday, July 21st @ 6pm
Where: 6699 N. Northwest Hwy., Chicago, IL 60631 (Map)
Contact: // 773-775-0808
Cuisine: Italian
Price Range: $$
Alcohol: Full Bar
Good for Kids: Yes
Reviews: Yelp (4.5 Stars, 283 Reviews)

Ok, turns out my pick was chosen in March of this past year– obviously I didn’t make it to that one!

So let’s try again:

When I think of what type of cuisine I want to go out for, I rarely think of Italian– it seems so ordinary somehow compared to all the other options. But that means I can’t think of the last time I’ve had really awesome Italian food anywhere other than Maggiano’s! (Which is fabulous and makes for the best leftovers ever.)

So join me at an Edison Park institution for some delicious, kid-friendly Italian food with a name that makes you want to just say it in a fake Italian accent.

I’ll make a reservation, so please let me know if you can join me by Friday at 12 pm.

-Erin U.

Zia's Trattoria

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Week #902: Salsa Borracha Mexican Grill

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Chooser: Melissa E.

Restaurant Club: Salsa Borracha Mexican Grill
Date: Friday, July 14th @ 6pm
Where: 3336 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60646 (Map)
Contact: // 773-908-5000
Cuisine: Mexican / Nuevo Latino
Price Range: $$
Alcohol: Full Bar
Good for Kids: Hopefully because I’m bringing mine!
Reviews: Yelp (5 Stars, 1 Review)

This is a brand Mexican place that opened in my old hood. It used to be called Club Mambo and looked slightly sketchy but it looks like they’ve rebranded into a a trendy taqueria and I LOVE trendy taquerias. (Google is trying to tell me that taqueria is misspelled and making the recommendation that I type equestrian instead.)

I don’t know if they take reservations so let me know by tomorrow at 3 PM if you can make it so that I can call to arrange something!

Hope to see you all soon!

Salsa Borracha

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Week #901: Jirafa Restaurant & Bar

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Chooser: Matt L.

Restaurant Club: Jirafa Restaurant & Bar
Date: Friday, July 7th @ 6pm
Where: 1800 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago, IL 60613 (Map)
Contact: Facebook // 773-472-1800
Cuisine: Latin American / Empanadas
Price Range: $$
Alcohol: Full Bar
Good for Kids: Yes
Reviews: Yelp (4.5 Stars, 13 Reviews)

Hi all –

This place is new and Colombian and near my house. They don’t appear to take reservations, though frankly, I’m not expecting much of a crowd anyway. But you should come. It’ll be fun. Please let me know on Thursday if you’d like to attend.

Also: Close to Begyle and Half Acre for possible pre- or post-RC drinking.


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Week #900: The Promontory

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Chooser: Ryan D.

Restaurant Club: The Promontory
Date: Friday, June 30th @ 6:15pm (Please note the slightly early start time.)
Where: 5311 S. Lake Park Ave. West, Chicago, IL 60615 (Map)
Contact: // 312-801-2100
Cuisine: American Traditional (Hearth-to-Table)
Price Range: $$
Alcohol: Full Bar
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Parking: Street
Good for Kids: No
Reviews: Yelp (3.5 Stars, 403 Reviews)

Okay, to avoid being too repetitive, and since it’s been less than a year since the last Saint Lou’s Assembly trip, I’ve decided to change the location. Same deal as before. I’ve made reservations for 10, so please RSVP by noon Thursday in case I need to change the number. Sorry for the confusion! I’m relatively new at this and generally incompetent at adulting.

The Promontory

This Week on RC

Week #899: The Hopleaf Bar

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Chooser: Renee

Restaurant Club: The Hopleaf Bar
Date: Friday, June 23rd @ 6pm
Where: 5148 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640 (Map)
Contact: 773-334-9851 //
Cuisine: Gastropub
Price Range: $$
Alcohol: BYOB
Reviews: Yelp (4 Stars, 1,880 Reviews)
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Parking: Street
Noise Level: Casual
Good for Kids: No, kids are not allowed
Waiter Service: Yesers!

Hey all,
Ryan D (aka new ryan) and I traded RC dates. I’m picking Hopleaf as I really want their CB&J. Please RSVP by noon on Friday.


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