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Week #882: Angelo’s Wine Bar

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Chooser: Alex A.

Restaurant Club: Angelo’s Wine Bar
Date: Friday, February 24th @ 6:30pm
Where: 3026 W. Montrose Ave., Chicago, IL 60618 (Map)
Contact: 773-539-0111 //
Cuisine: Italian / Wine Bar
Price Range: $$
Alcohol: Full Bar
Reviews: Yelp (4 Stars, 151 Reviews)

I swapped with John C and my pick has ahi tuna pizza and housemade vermouth. Can the beer drinkers among us handle a wine bar? We’re about to find out!

Please let me know by Thursday afternoon if you are able to join us. Thanks!

Angelo's Wine Bar

This Week on RC

Week #881: Kimski

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Chooser: Ryan D.

Restaurant Club: Kimski
Date: Friday, February 17th @ 6pm
Where: 960 W. 31st St., Chicago, IL 60608 (Map)
Contact: 773-890-0588 //
Cuisine: Korean / Polish / BBQ
Price Range: $$
Alcohol: Full Bar
Reviews: Yelp (3.5 Stars, 60 Reviews)
Notes: Release Party for Super PiƱa Collider

Kimski doesn’t take reservations, so just rsvp by noon Friday.

Why? Because I can’t believe this hasn’t been picked yet. Korean-Polish fusion, also coinciding with the Marz/Pipeworks collab, Pina Collider, release at Maria’s the same day.


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Week #880: Lowcountry

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Chooser: Pfeffer

Restaurant Club: Lowcountry
Date: Friday, February 10th @ 6:30pm
Where: 3343 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60657 (Map)
Contact: 773-996-9997 //
Cuisine: Cajun / Creole / Seafood
Price Range: $$
Alcohol: Full Bar
Reviews: Yelp (4.5 Stars, 283 Reviews)

I can hardly believe the number of my restaurant club.. so amazing it’s still going strong.

Been wanting to try this place for a while, and given its location in Wrigleyville, February seems the best time – before another baseball season begins.

My in-laws live in the Lowcountry, where the local seafood boils are great, so we’ll see how this measures up.

They don’t take reservations, so we are taking a chance. Please just let me know if you’ll be joining us by noon on Friday.


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Week #879: El Carrito

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Chooser: Audra

Restaurant Club: El Carrito
Date: Friday, February 3rd @ 6:30pm
Where: 6019 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60659 (Map, Lincoln and Peterson, yes in strip mall which may or may not also have a liquor store and mattress store… I can’t remember)
Contact: 872-208-3260 //
Cuisine: Mexican “Street Food” / Latin American
Price Range: $
Alcohol: BYOB
Reviews: Yelp (4 Stars, 217 Reviews)

Any one up for a little “Mexican street food?” I passed this on the way to Amelie’s gymnastics class and was intrigued. I haven’t been yet, but am excited to try it!

I believe it is counter service, but I’ll try to come a little early to get some tables together if there’s going to be a lot of us. Just let me know by noon on Friday.

El Carrito

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Week #878: Harp & Fiddle

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Chooser: Ryan T.

Restaurant Club: Harp & Fiddle
Date: Friday, January 27th @ 6:30pm
Where: 110 Main St., Park Ridge, IL 60068 (Map)
Contact: 847-720-4466 //
Cuisine: Irish / Gastropub (Menu)
Price Range: $$
Alcohol: Full bar, double-secret BYOB
Reviews: Yelp (3.5 Stars, 74 Reviews)

Greetings friends, this week I’m sending you all out to the suburbs to enjoy a little “Irish gastropub” food nestled in the suddenly booming uptown area of Park Ridge thanks to a most excellent craft beer store that sits next to Harp & Fiddle. If you find yourself near a Metra UP-Northwest Train, this is located across the street from the station.

Originally, I was trying to find a BYOB place in Park Ridge, but it seems they don’t exist anymore so I was able to negotiate a back-door-under-the-table-deal in which Harp & Fiddle will allow us to drink a few choice BYOB items in exchange for naming rights to my second child and a beer to be named later.

Drunk Club to be held next door at Beer on the Wall (106 Main St.) before and after RC. Scorched Earth Brewing is doing a tasting there from 5:30 – 7:30 so go in and get some FREE samples!

Harp & Fiddle

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