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Week #943: CTA (Chicago Taco Authority)

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Chooser: Chris A.

Restaurant Club: CTA (Chicago Taco Authority)
Date: Friday, April 27th @ 6pm
Where: 4219 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago, IL 60641 (Map)
Contact: 773-282-8226 // Facebook
Cuisine: Tacos Tacos Tacos
Price Range: $
Alcohol: No and No BYOB
Takes Reservations: Nope
Accepts Credit Cards: Yosh!
Good for Kids: Yosh!
Parking: Paid street parking, really close to blue line Irving Park and really really close to Metra Northwest Line
Reviews: Yelp (4.5 Stars, 77 Reviews)

We are going to wing it with no reservations and no booze.Sad Face

But we all love…

Chicago Taco Authority

Luckily Eris Brewery and Cider House is basically across the street for drunk club beverages and I’ll buy first round post taco nom nom at Independence Tap if Eris is crazy busy (usually is).

This Week on RC

Week #942: Hooters

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Chooser: Matt L.

Restaurant Club: Hooters
Date: Friday, April 20th @ 6pm
Where: Same place it’s always been. 660 N. Wells St., Chicago, IL 60610 (Map)
Contact: 312-944-8800 //
Cuisine: Bar Food
Price Range: $
Alcohol: Full Bar
Do they take reservations? No, it’s Hooters.
Good for Kids: I don’t know. It’s Hooters.
Reviews: Yelp (2.5 Stars, 234 Reviews)

RSVP anyway. Maybe we’ll get a drink beforehand, then go to Hooters.

Almost 18 years ago, on September 29, 2000, a young, wide-eyed, optimistic John Hayes picked Hooters as Restaurant Club #26. While a lot has changed since then, both in the world in general and for us as individuals, Hooters has remained largely the same. Sure, there have been some small changes, like the possibility of getting all drumettes, some additional sauces, and a few “craft” beers on the menu. But what hasn’t changed is the quality of the wings and the fun, positive, life-affirming experience of going to Hooters. That, my friends, is why we’re going back this week.

So, who’s with me?


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Week #941: Chicago Diplomat Cafe

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Chooser: Matt P.

Restaurant Club: Chicago Diplomat Cafe
Date: Friday, April 13th @ 6pm
Where: 3134 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60657 (Map)
Contact: 773-262-2722 //
Cuisine: Georgian / Modern European / Mediterranean
Price Range: $$
Alcohol: BYOB
Good for Kids: Yes
Reviews: Yelp (4 Stars, 64 Reviews)

Well what do you know? It’s already my turn to choose another R.C. Let’s head to Lakeview and try Chicago Diplomat Cafe, which calls itself “the city’s—and perhaps the state’s—only restaurant devoted to the feasting foods of the Republic of Georgia” (seems like a little internet research could potential confirm the middle part of that claim)… FEASTING FOODS!

They don’t serve alcohol and it isn’t BYOB. So that’s sad. And when I called to make an approximate reservation, they asked that I please check the menu and call back tomorrow afternoon “to let them know which cold appetizers and hot entrees we plan to order.” That’s kind of a pain. But it’s got 4 stars on Yelp and the guy on the phone was super nice. So hey, if that’s what we have to put up with to dine Georgian-style, then so be it! Please try to let me know early tomorrow afternoon if you’d like to join the Priests. And if anyone has time for a drink between 5 and 6, I’ll probably hit Flagship Tavern or Schubas. Thanks!

Chicago Diplomat Cafe

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Week #940: The Elephant Thai Cuisine

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Chooser: Melissa

Restaurant Club: The Elephant Thai Cuisine
Date: Friday, April 6th @ 6:30pm
Where: 5353 W. Devon Ave., Chicago IL 60646 (Map)
Contact: 773-467-1168 // Facebook
Cuisine: Thai
Price Range: $-$$
Alcohol: BYOB
Good for Kids: Yes
Reviews: Yelp (4 Stars, 141 Reviews)

Hello Everyone! Matt reminded me that this week is my pick!

About a year ago, our favorite local Thai restaurant was featured in Check Please! and 2 weeks later promptly burnt to the ground (slight exaggeration). Just 2 weeks ago, they have re-opened their doors across the street from their former location and Matt and I thrilled that they are back!

I made a reservation for 6 on Friday evening – they are a small space so please let me know by Thursday AM if you are in so I can increase the reservation if necessary. If it’s nice on Friday evening, we can grab ice cream at our favorite local ice cream shoppe after.

The Elephant Thai Cuisine

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Week #939: The Duck Inn

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Chooser: Renee

Restaurant Club: The Duck Inn
Date: Friday, March 30th @ 7:30pm (Please note the later start time!)
Where: 2701 S. Eleanor, Chicago, IL 60608 (Map)
Contact: 312-724-8811 //
Cuisine: American Contemporary
Price Range: $$-$$$
Alcohol: Yes
Reviews: Yelp (4 Stars, 343 Reviews) / Chicago Reader
Takes Reservations: Yep
Accepts Credit Cards: Yep
Good for Kids: Nope
Parking: Paid street parking, orange line

Hey all,
I picked this place at the suggestion of a friend, plus it is great. Please RSVP by noon on thursday, but please RSVP sooner as I have reservations for a small table but can get a larger one if need be. (I figure most people are out of town or getting read to celebrate the bunny).

Duck Inn

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