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Week 606: Caravan

Posted by Mathew C. on 11.07.11 § Comment?


Location: Caravan4810 North Broadway, (773) 271-6022
Chooser: Seamus
When: Friday, November 11, 7:00
Cuisine: Persian
Price Range: $$

Says Seamus: “This place gets good reviews on Yelp and Metromix, and the food pictures appear to feature many variations on the classic “meat on a stick” theme, so I’ve decided to give it a shot. I don’t know how genuinely Iranian a restaurant with a full bar can be, but I know I’m not interested in picking a spot that doesn’t have a full bar, so that’s all I have to say about that. In any event, there’s been a lot of fuss in the news lately about Iran’s not-really-a-secret nuclear weapons program and it’s left me with a desire to sample the cuisine before the Israelis decide to bomb the country into a glass parking lot. Also, I love watching people try to say “Ahmadinejad” and I figure this will be a chance to get my fix.

“Please let me know if you’re interested by Thursday at noon. Excelsior.”

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