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Week 608: Bombay Spice Grill & Wine

Posted by Mathew C. on 11.22.11 § Comment?

Bombay Spice

Location: Bombay Spice Grill & Wine, 450 North Clark St., (312) 477-7657
Chooser: Matt P.
When: Friday, November 25, 7:00
Cuisine: Indian
Price Range: $$

Says Matt: “Happy T-Giving week, everyone. A few weeks back, Jen and I went to this place on a lark (when it turned out that Xoco was closed on Mondays). But we ended up really enjoying ourselves. The food was super tasty, but also much lighter than standard Indian fare, since it’s all made with olive oil (see below). The service was also excellent and since it was “Happy Hour” (weekdays, from 2-5pm), the prices were crazy low. But from the look of their menu, it appears that the dinner prices are still extremely reasonable. Side note… I’m not much of an Indian food aficionado, so although I loved everything I ate, I make no claims as to its authenticity. Please RSVP by Noon on Friday (I currently have an estimated reservation for eight). And lemme know about Drunk Club too – at Hubbard Inn – if you would.  Hope you’ll join us.”

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