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Week 631: Sabri Nihari

Posted by Mathew C. on 05.02.12 § Comment?

Sabri Nehari

Location: Sabri Nihari, 2502 W. Devon Ave., (773) 465-0899
Chooser: Andrea
When: Friday, May 4, 6:30
Cuisine: Pakistani / Indian
Price Range: $$

Says Mark C. (on behalf of Andrea): “My friend Nasser, who grew up in Pakistan, lives in California, and will soon be moving to Chicago, tipped me off to this place. He wants to go there when he comes out, but this is a great excuse to test it out before he gets here.

“He says ‘It is the best nihari in the country, according to every Desi I’ve ever met. I’ve eaten at the Karachi one, and it is the best in the city. Nihari is that beef-morning-stew thing that i made that one time.'”

“The version that he made was KILLER and if this place does it half as well, I’ll be happy.

“Send me an e-mail by Thursday noon if you are interested in joining.”

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