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Week #942: Hooters

Posted by Matt P. on 04.17.18 § Comment?

Chooser: Matt L.

Restaurant Club: Hooters
Date: Friday, April 20th @ 6pm
Where: Same place it’s always been. 660 N. Wells St., Chicago, IL 60610 (Map)
Contact: 312-944-8800 // www.originalhooters.com/locations/chicago/wells-st/
Cuisine: Bar Food
Price Range: $
Alcohol: Full Bar
Do they take reservations? No, it’s Hooters.
Good for Kids: I don’t know. It’s Hooters.
Reviews: Yelp (2.5 Stars, 234 Reviews)

RSVP anyway. Maybe we’ll get a drink beforehand, then go to Hooters.

Almost 18 years ago, on September 29, 2000, a young, wide-eyed, optimistic John Hayes picked Hooters as Restaurant Club #26. While a lot has changed since then, both in the world in general and for us as individuals, Hooters has remained largely the same. Sure, there have been some small changes, like the possibility of getting all drumettes, some additional sauces, and a few “craft” beers on the menu. But what hasn’t changed is the quality of the wings and the fun, positive, life-affirming experience of going to Hooters. That, my friends, is why we’re going back this week.

So, who’s with me?


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