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19th Anniversary (Week #988) – The Best of the Year: Passerotto

Posted by Matt P. on 03.07.19 § Comment?

Chooser: The People

Restaurant Club: Passerotto
Date: Friday, March 8th @ 5:30pm
Where: 5420 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640
Contact: 708-607-2102 // www.passerottochicago.com
Cuisine: Korean / Italian
Price Range: $$$
Accepts Bitcoin?: No
Reviews: Yelp (4 Stars, 63 Reviews)

Passerotto has been voted R.C. Best Restaurant for Year 19. Since I initially picked it, and Priest is busy at work, I am sending out the RSVP email. Unfortunately (fortunately?) it is super popular (Bib Gourmand, James Beard, etc). It might be difficult to get a table together for everyone that comes, but the sooner I know, the easier it will be to try to get us reservations. *Please be aware that there is a good chance we will be seated in small groups.

At this time I am guessing reservations will be around 6 to 7pm on March 8 (if not a lot of people come). We might be out of luck if a ton of people come, or again it might be small groups. Please RSVP by tomorrow at 9am (sorry for the short notice).

This is from the initial e-mail I sent about Passerotto:

Passerotto (Italian for “little sparrow”) is a neighborhood Korean restaurant from award-winning chef-owner Jennifer Kim. The food draws on Kim’s Korean heritage: paying homage to the traditional and, occasionally, not-quite-traditional dishes she grew up eating with her family, adding a few minor touches from the Midwest and Central Italy, a nod to the way coastal Italian food has impacted her life.


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