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Week #1,011: Iron Chef Restaurant Babble

Posted by Matt P. on 06.17.20 § Comment?

Chooser: Ryan T. & Erin

Restaurant Club: Iron Chef Restaurant Babble
When: Saturday, May 30th @ 6:30pm
Where: Various
Contact: Various
Cuisine: Various
Price Range: Various
Alcohol: Most definitely

Greetings all and I hope this e-mail list is still valid, I pulled it from restaurantclub.com which I think is what we’re SUPPOSED to do, but rules are just mere suggestions in this COVID wild west now aren’t they? Can I even write this email without a mask? Hang on, gonna look that up….

…okay I’m good.

Well hey if you happened to be on the BookFace last night you might have saw me try to answer life’s most savory question about cuisine reigning supreme. This month in an attempt to bring some semblance of order to this chaos, we’re gonna have an Iron Chef battle for RC. And for those of you that don’t watch Iron Chef, that’s fine I’ll lay it all out for you.

Okay, so each household should do one of the following: 1) make a dish, drink, or bowl at home that contains honey as an ingredient, or 2) find a dish at a restaurant that has the secret ingredient in it. What’s the secret ingredient you ask???????


*Backflip backflip, stick the landing, BOOM*

So get your ShipShop orders in place, brave the grocery store, grab some fresh stuff from your hives (I assume ONE of you has beehives), and get to work. Then Saturday at 6:30pm click the link you were e-mailed to join a Zoom call where Erin will do her best Padma Lakshmi impression and judge your food. (I’M AWARE THAT’S A DIFFERENT SHOW). I will pretend to be Alton Brown because I want nothing more in this world to BE Alton Brown, and I will go around and ask you about your creations/finds.

So go forth, Google things, raise bees, and beeeeee yourselves. 6:30pm. See you then chefs!

-Ryan “Three Beers In” Tracy

Iron Chef Restaurant Babble

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